Chris lives in Surrey in the UK. During the day he labours under the guise of a Technical Consultant and Trainer in IT, but the rest of the time he is equally busy. He loves writing and creating, and is an avid reader (never without a book) who runs out of bookshelves constantly, being a lover of physical tomes.

He is also a lazy musician and artist, roughly able to tell one end from another of about five instruments (guitar, bass, vocals, piano and appallingly drums), and has been in several projects producing a wide variety of content (of a huge variance in quality), from joke covers to metal to his own compositions including experimental crossover electronic, sonatas and acoustic guitar.

He designs his own covers and occasionally draws decently with a roughly 30% success rate, and enjoys fixing things, tinkering with engines and computers, learning and researching facts, nutrition, and science, and generally getting stuff done. He is most definitely of the Night.

He loves to learn new things and teach others whatever subjects he knows enough about, and is full of generally useless facts. Fantasy, Sci-Fi and books have been a staple for countless years, and he is as avid a follower of Lord of the Rings and its ilk as he is a complete Star Wars geek. He loves a good film 20130330_175353-1(and a fair few bad ones) and also a good gaming session, from Elite to Elder Scrolls to Gears of War to Diablo 3. If you keep your eyes peeled in several online games, you might spot his usernames…

Chris is also heavily into exercise, diet, and fitness, having spent two decades practising various martial arts, from Mixed Martial Arts to Kung Fu. He has a decent collection of real tempered swords which he vaguely remembers how to wield, and his home is strewn with other weaponry as objects of interest. He lifts 313363_10151484473226692_842265832_nheavy weights and practises calisthenics here and there, and regularly climbs (sadly mostly indoors).

Sometimes he sleeps. His dreams often appear in his writing.

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