Notes On Dragons

“All that follows is a collection of data from several sources: information in the most trusted older texts, research recorded during the (very regrettable) Drake Years, when scholars had a tragic but singular opportunity to study a dragon’s anatomy firsthand; various current and past scientific experiment results; and from my own discussions with the great Nāgìnī Györnàeldàr. All these have led me to some quantifiable and interesting conclusions about how a creature like a Dragon can exist in nature…” – Aldwyn Varelin

Loved this book. The whole science behind dragons (use of Dark Matter!), how they age, the social protocol they demand, language, and just the sheer awesome size of them. You don’t have to be a ‘dragon anorak’ to read this (I’m not), but always good to see someone write about something they are obviously passionate about. I would like the author to release more books like this, which focus intently upon the many creatures of myth and legend as feature in the excellent ‘The Serpent Calls’.
I hope you can find time at some point to oblige such a request, Mr Bramley. Good job anyways.
Ben Stevens, Author


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Publisher: Sanctum Publishing
ISBN: 9780993127311



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