The Serpent Calls

Book One in the new fantasy epic The Chaoswar Trilogy, The Serpent Calls reveals the new world of Kuln and a whole universe. Karland is a normal boy caught up in events as his innocence erodes and the realms descend into war. Creatures once thought myth roam the lands and darkness and chaos are almost imperceptibly growing.

Dreaming of adventure is a stark removal from reality for Karland as he finds himself on a quest with surprising companions to try and find out the source of the unrest in Eordeland… but it may go deeper than just one country, and meanwhile nightmares draw the world ever closer to ultimate peril.

Will any of the survive the journey? Will Eordeland be saved? And what will the realms of men do when the serpent calls?


I have literally just finished this and I LOVED every word, couldn’t put it down, even resenting the family for interrupting my reading. I enjoyed meeting the characters and watching them grow, really getting behind them and feeling their emotions. The book is full of great detail that gave plenty of insight and I was totally carried away with the story and engrossed in the world, even if I was a little overwhelmed and confused by some of the combat stuff. Couldn’t recommend this enough to anyone into this genre, you can really get a feel for the authors love of works of a similar vein and his literary favourites. My only concern is how long do I have to wait for book two?
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 Publisher: Sanctum Publishing
ISBN: 9780993127304

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