The World of Kuln

Kuln. The world. Last bastion of balance; the last world unclaimed in the war of Chaos and Order in the Universe. A world of many strange creatures and races; a nexus.

Kuln is slightly smaller than Earth at around 22,000 miles, with two moons: silvery Lunis and green Xoth. It is a world with many different regions… verdant jungle, arctic tundra, green temperate, unforgiving deserts and majestic oceans. Seasons are pronounced due to a good axial tilt. Gravity is roughly earth-normal due to high density within the large planet core, and it is slightly more than 1 AU from its powerful sun. There are five continents on Kuln: dry and wind-swept Hadrasia, lush Matalaga, temperate Anaria, cold Arcturus and bitter Amarus. There are also many islands, the largest of which are the Tveirbródir Gastillus and Sholenta, the hidden isles of Mithtól, the cold brutal land of Poviir, and the writhing archipelago chain of the Naga Shon Oha, the Dragon’s Tail, which is topped by Gorudrum, the largest volcano on Kuln. The Dragon breathes fire every few millennia… The events of The Serpent Calls take place in the northeast of Anaria, just over two and a half thousand miles end to end. In it lie the realms of Eordeland, the Banistari Empire, Novin, Ignat, Eyotsberg and Meyar, as well as other lands and open plains claimed only by nomadic peoples.

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