John Jarrold

If you wish to have the editing skills of a highly respected member of the fantasy and SF community – one who has edited many high level authors – John Jarrold is generally known amongst authors as a very good editor and agent indeed.  John edited in great detail the first draft of The Serpent Calls and his advice was excellent and aligned subsequent revisions with the modern market, as well as pointing out all the (many!) mistakes I made on my first novel. Vast knowledge and experience in the field, and a nice chap to boot.


Tiffany Stoneman

Another freelance editor I can highly recommend is Tiffany Stoneman – she is thorough and enjoys her work, and for me had the added advantage of not specialising (or even being involved in previously) Fantasy or Sci-Fi, so she was uniquely suited to test the accessibility of the storyline with a non-Fantasy readership. Meticulous and a lovely lady, and an avid fellow climber.


Ben Stevens

A fellow author with more than 80 enjoyable works to his name, including the excellent A Gaijin’s Guide to Japan and the Ennin Mysteries short story kindle series, Ben gave me very good advice and friendship as I brought out The Serpent Calls, and is well worth a read.


Karen Traviss

Karen Traviss is a well known, respected and New York Times bestselling author, whose works include the Going Grey series, and many Star Wars and Gears of War books, as well as writing the story for Gears of War 3. She very kindly spared a lot of time on several occasions to give me ongoing advice on many aspects of being an author, from years of published experience, and I recommend her books highly.




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