Christopher Bramley
Notes on Dragons

Notes on Dragons

Fiction / Fantasy

Set in the world of The First Vampire and The Serpent Calls, this short excerpt is from the notes of the famed scholar Aldwyn Varelin, one of the foremost scientists and philosophers on Kuln.

In it, we explore how a creature such as a dragon could exist as it does, looking through the lens of methods and senses different to our modern science, and seeking to explain some of the secrets of the mightiest creatures alive…

‘All that follows is a collection of data from several sources: information in the most trusted older texts, research recorded during the (very regrettable) Drake Years, when scholars had a tragic but singular opportunity to study a dragon’s anatomy firsthand; various current and past scientific experiment results; and from my own discussions with the great Nāgìnī Györnàeldàr. All these have led me to some quantifiable and interesting conclusions about how a creature like a Dragon can exist in nature…’

– Aldwyn Varelin