Christopher Bramley



Chris is a neurodiverse storyteller and writer in multiple genres, having felt a need to explore other worlds from a very young age.

He loves thinking in terms of fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, complex scenarios and mental health, especially where we can use narrative as a mirror to our current world’s tropes and paradigms. Chris writes a range of narratives, explorations, blogs, and stories to create worlds and understanding, and in non-fiction to explore human learning, engagement, agility and coaching.

Outside the writing, Chris is an experienced speaker, coach, and teacher, having spoken at many conferences, TEDx, and podcasts as a consultant working in organisational and cultural change across a variety of industries and contexts, specialising in new human approaches, narratives, and storytelling. All this has made him something of a philosopher.

Constant learning is a passion in all arenas, and something he never stop seeking. Chris is a doer of many things, and outside work and writing is an avid reader, musical composer, scuba diver, rock climber, weight lifter, and player of games. Interests also include decades of various martial arts including MMA, Kung Fu, and weapons.

His love of Star Wars has given him an embarrassing number of lightsabers.

Chris is atypically autistic (ASD1 and associated fun), and a strong champion of neurodiverse inclusion and mental health. Autism means he sees the world differently, an advantage giving deep observation, creativity, out-of-the-box-thinking, and links between often-unseen patterns – but one which comes with some inbuilt kryptonite, especially socially, and with a sensory and emotional inability to filter input. This means he never stops feeling, thinking, and doing things, and is either hyperfocused or easily distracted.

Sometimes he sleeps. His dreams often appear in his writing.


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