Christopher Bramley
OUT NOW: The Serpent Calls 2nd Edition

OUT NOW: The Serpent Calls 2nd Edition

Fiction / Fantasy

Book One in the fantasy epic World of Kuln series, The Serpent Calls reveals the world of Kuln and a whole new universe.

Karland is a normal boy caught up in events as his innocence erodes and the realms descend into war. Creatures once thought myth roam the lands and darkness and chaos are almost imperceptibly growing.

Dreaming of adventure is a stark removal from reality for Karland as he finds himself on a quest with surprising companions to try and find out the source of the unrest in Eordeland… but it may go deeper than just one realm, and meanwhile nightmares draw the world ever closer to ultimate peril.

Will any of them survive the journey? Will Eordeland be saved? And what will the realms of men do when the serpent calls?


‘They may be safe,’ said Rast. ‘They went east, and were not long behind us. These come north, and at some pace. They cannot risk being caught in the bright sunshine if they have orcs and ogres with them. Come – we must hurry to the foothills. If we can reach the dwarves, we will be safe. No nation in their right mind would challenge them, let alone a handful of orcs. Dwarves hate orcs nearly as much as Urukin do.’

Grukust grunted in disbelief.

They fled north into the afternoon, moving as fast as the little dray could manage, close to Grukust’s top speed. Several hours later dusk was falling, and they rested the horses.

‘No camp tonight,’ said Rast. ‘We must push on to the beginnings of the foothills. Once there we can hope to lose them, but out here on the plains we are easily seen by sharp eyes and they will move faster at night.’ He dismounted and worked to hitch Stryke to the wagon alongside Hjarta. ‘We need more speed.’ Stryke whickered, glaring at him ungraciously, but submitted.

‘Again?’ groaned Xhera. ‘We are always pursued. When will it end?’

‘When we lose them, or they catch us,’ responded Rast grimly. He finished his makeshift trace. ‘Let us go.’