Christopher Bramley
COMING 2022: Tides Of Chaos

COMING 2022: Tides Of Chaos

Fiction / Fantasy

The epic saga of the World of Kuln continues. War looms dark on the horizon for Eordeland – one which could cripple or even destroy the realm. And yet this may not be the worst of things to come…

For many, life seemingly returns to normal, but it cannot last – and even normality is difficult for Karland as he discovers more about himself and struggles to deal with the events he lived through.

Continuing the tale begun in the The Serpent Calls, Tides of Chaos brings a new understanding of the world and the forces moving within it – and the struggles of one young student to find their place within it all.

The tide of darkness is rising – and where have all the Dragons gone?


Ventran sat clouded in thought. He had an urge to drink – something he did not often do – and to be alone. He had placed a reasonable amount of coin behind the bar in The King’s Crown, a throwback to the monarchical glory days of Haná, and had made it clear that he expected regular drinks and no disturbances. He sat in a dim corner in view of the fireplace, drinking slowly, flipping a dagger absently in his left hand.

Tonight his thoughts were not on the play of blade on flesh, or on victims; even on his ambitions in Meyar.

The orphaned street urchin he had been had had many worries. After years of training with some of the best assassins in all the realms and free rein to practice his skills as his urges took him, the merciless young man had merely swapped old concerns for fresh ones.

…Varelin had escaped. The pendant was hidden.

The problems were likely one and the same.

It troubled him. From all reports, Aldwyn Varelin was an old man, but he had escaped several attempts now.

Ventran remembered back to the kill of that first scholar, the first of the Darostim. He had failed to take the pendant his master’s spies had said Kelpas Withy had, but he had redeemed himself by hunting anyone tied to him, and the trail had led him through some very unexpected victims to one girl, barely a woman, who had given him a gift in her tortured, dying insanity: